ESTICA Woodwind Quintet

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Chamber music ensemble of new generation Estonian musicians with main focus on fresh interpretation of rich Estonian woodwind quintet music.

Estica is proud to introduce rich Estonian woodwind quintet music to local as well as worldwide public. “We would like to do it with sense of mission, yet with freshness and youthfulness.”



Estica performs on 28th of July at 18 in Pärnu Koidula Park. Summer music. Best hits of woodwind quintet classics, fresh Estonian works and nostalgic Estonian songs. More information…


Discover the witty and exciting Woodwind Quintet (1972) by Estonian composer KULDAR SINK (1942-1995) and beautiful 2nd movement from Woodwind Quintet no 2 „Pastoral tunes“ (1984) by Estonian composer EINO TAMBERG (1930-2010). Find more videos here…



Woodwind quintet is a traditional chamber music group setup. It features five different woodwinds, among them less common instruments like oboe and bassoon. Woodwind quintet has distinctive sound with deep vibrations and a lot of character, each instrument having its own unmistakable voice. The setup is relatively mobile providing opportunities to deliver great music experience at less traditional music venues.



Woodwind Quintet Estica has brought together young Estonian wind players who all studied at the same time in Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre. Their first concert that featured Estonian music only was also given at the Academy in 2010. It had a meaningful title Head varjata ei saa (One can not keep good stuff under wraps). Albeit being dedicated to promoting Estonian music, most of the members have also been studying abroad to improve on their musical skills. Read more about the quintet…


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About     Concerts      Videos      Estica Trio