Woodwind Quintet ESTICA and sand artist Madli Luuk together LIVE!

July 16th 2015 in Pärnu Music Festival, August 6th 2015 House of Blackheads, Pikk 26, Tallinn

Woodwind Quintet Estica brings classical music and sand art to the traditional concert venue in unique and innovative combination for both senses – hearing and seeing – they complement each other harmoniously.

While ESTICA performs carefully chosen program with pieces by Estonian composers as well as some well-known pearls of woodwind quintet music, the artist Madli Luuk draws with sand on a special lighted table during. It is possible to follow her thoughts on the large white screen overhead musicians, as well as to enjoy observing the musicians expressing themselves.


György Ligeti                    6 Bagatelles for woodwind quintet (1953)

Cyrillus Kreek                    3 movements from suites for woodwind quintet (1956, 1957)

Enn Vetemaa                    7 Neurosisis for woodwind quintet (2015), WORLD PREMIERE!

Darius Milhaud                 La Cheminée du Roi René, Suite for wind quintet, Op. 205 (1939)

Jaques Ibert                      Trois Piecès Brèves for woodwind quintet, 1930

Concerts are organized by Association of Estonian Professional Musicians. Find more information

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